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History of the John Marshall Bear
The Bear was given to the school, to be the official mascot, by the graduating Class of 1966.  Originally, the Bear was taken to athletic events, and used as a school symbol in support of the teams in competition.

The Class of 1967, as its gift to the school, constructed a permanent glass case to house the Bear. This case was located across from the library, at one of the main hallway intersections.

A new bear mascot was obtained in the early 1990s and replaced the original Bear in the glass case. In 1992, the original Bear was scheduled for destruction. Fortunately, the Air Force ROTC program rescued the Bear from the dumpster, and kept it in their office.

The Bear made the move to the new building in 2006 and was temporarily placed under a stairway. In 2008, members of the graduating Class of 1966 restored the Bear, and placed it in its present location in the entryway of the new building.

The Bear now greets all who enter John Marshall High School as a reminder of the history and traditions from the original school, and is a symbol of inspiration to the current and future student body.